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Alabama Records wishes you a happy new year and use this opportunity to thank all the artists, fans, promotors, distributors, media (radio, magazines, netzines), colleagues and customers for a fantastic 2008!


081217 Mascot Parade on X-mas tour in Germany

We are happy to announce that Mascot Parade will hit the road (Autobahn) in Germany for a short X-mas tour this coming weekend.

This is the first time Mascot Parade will play in Germany so make sure to see them if you're in the area of the gigs.


 Date                                 Venue                                                     City

18 dec 2008 20:00
Juze Eichst�tt
19 dec 2008 19:30
Orangehouse Munich
20 dec 2008 21:00
RainBow Immenstadt
21 dec 2008 18:00
Ika linghorn Stuttgart


081113 New webshop launched

The Alabama Records Webshop has finally been launched.
Buy your favourite CDs online and pay with credit card. Simple and secure!

Klick on the banner to visit the new WEBSHOP

081009 Scaar interview in Metal-Rules�

New interview with Alf & Mats from Scaar in Metal-Rules. Read it HERE!

080904 Mascot Parade in Close-up Magazine�

The interest for our latest release Deathmatch by Mascot Parade keeps on

spinning in the media. Mascot Parade is featured with an article in Sweden's major music mag Close-Up Magazine (#103).  

080604-06 Sweden Rock Festival

Alabama Records will attend this years Sweden Rock Festival. So if you want to meet us in person and have a chat - don't hesitate to grab us!

080531 Kristina Westin featured on Pure North CD�

Alabama Records recording artist Kristina Westin is featured on the new compilation CD Pure North - Norrl�ndska p�rlor vol 1, compiled and produced by the swedish bread manufacturer Polarbr�d.

Kristina is featured with the song Underground, from the EP "Your voice" (ALAB001).

080513 New signing - MASCOT PARADE 




Alabama Records is proud to announce the signing of MASCOT PARADE from Sweden for the release of their debut album entitled Deathmatch, due out on 4 June 2008.


Imagine Slayer jamming with Jeff Buckley.

Imagine Tom Petty writing songs to Iron Maiden.

How absurd it may sound - these are the cornerstones of Mascot Parade.


Their unique mix of metal, rock, melodies and unexpected arrangements will stir the interest of many listeners. Take our word for it!

Mascot Parade was formed back in 2003 under the name of The Buck by singer, songwriter & guitarist Henrik Bring�s, guitarplayer Staffan Andersson and drummer Christer Teglund. Two weeks into the bands history they found themselves in the studio recording their first demo. The outcome really saw the band take off quick. The demo was crowned "demo of the month" in newspaper VLT, as well as "demo of the week" on digfi.com. Close-Up Magazine said "suprise of the month" and called it "new kind of kick". Suddenly both Swedish and British labels started to show interest in the band and their unique sound. The demo was soon to be heard on both Swedish and British national radio.

In 2004 the band signed a contract with a British record label and the recording of an album started. But the cooperation with the label was a chewy toffee and after a lot of waiting for nothing, the band left the label in late 2005.

In 2007 they decided to take things in their own hands. See the start of the recording of a new debut album � Deathmatch - and this time under the new name MASCOT
PARADE. Shortly after they found themselves having a contract inked with Swedish label Alabama Records. Six months later they are finally set to release their lovechild to the world.

�We have been keeping an eye on Mascot Parade over the years and always knew they were up to something extraordinary. When the window of opportunity suddenly opened we never hesitated to join the parade.�  says Andreas Nystr�m of Alabama Records.

Upcoming releaseparties for Deathmatch:

May 22 -
KGB, Stockholm (SE)
May 23 -
Club Rockers at Tv� lingon & bl�b�r, V�ster�s (SE)

Henrik Bring�s � Lead vocals, guitar
Staffan Andersson � Lead guitars
Carl Ottosson � Drums
Daniel Engstr�m - Bass

Deathmatch is scheduled for release on 4 of June, 2008.


Artist: Mascot Parade

Title: Deathmatch

Territory: EU

Release: 4 June 2008


For contact and more information:


Alabama Records

Andreas Nystr�m

Phone: + 46 (0)70 330 60 49

Mail: info [at] alabama.se

www.mascotparade.com (under construction)



080501 Market positioning in Finland 

As a step to launch the Alabama-artists in the land of the thousand lakes we are currently advertising in Finlands major hardrock magazine Inferno.



080328 Free full length MP3s - limited offer 

Spring is in the air and we want to offer you something extra. During a limited time we are happy to offer a free download (full length mp3) via our digital store at

Klicktrack. A small service fee (SEK 5) will be added for orders below SEK 20 - so make sure you add a few extra titles as well. We've also reduced the prices of the entire back catalouge so you won't be disappointed. Follow the links below and rock away...

Songs that are up for grab:

Scaar - The final breath
Molly's Gusher - Indestructible

Seventribe - Love crap

Mother Misery - I got it now

Gemie - Emily road

Rockets To Ruin - Take a ride with me (straight to hell)

The Last Hours - Still inside

The Last Hours - The person that you see

Kristina Westin - Your voice



080321 Get your own copy of the new Scaar CD 

Get ready for the release of Next level of torture on 25th of March. Make sure you'll

get your own copy the very same day. Pre-orders are available via CDON.
Klick on the banner below:

Alabama Records would like to wish you all a happy easter and may the easter bunny bring you tons of eggs filled with hard rock music!

080225 SCAAR releaseparty - Pub Anchor 13 March 

Time flies and it's only weeks left to the official release of Next level of torture which will see the light of day on 25th of March.

To celebrate this vicious newborn we are throwing a releaseparty at Pub Anchor in Stockholm on Thursday 13th of March at 21.00 hrs. Scaar on stage at 22.30. Welcome!

If you're in the area around Eskilstuna on Friday 14 March - make sure you make it to the releaseparty at Club Raw. The hometown of Scaar will most probably be in a state-of-shock after that night...


080225 More radio airplay for Molly's Gusher

Swedish rock station Rockklassiker 106.7 reviewed "Indestructible" by Molly's Gusher as one of three songs for the program spot "recensenterna" (the Reviewers)
hosted by Anders Tengner (Superstar Magazine, ex OKEJ), Tord Karlsson (EMI) and Ian Haugland (Europe). All three of them gave their thumbs up to Molly's Gusher.

A few quotes:
"Mean, aggressive but melodic with a lot of energy. Quite OK!" (AT)
"I hear similarities to QOTSA in the riffing. Pull the cork!" (IH)
"It sounds fresh despite being a Swedish band. They try to do something better than The Hives" (TK)

080222 New distributor in Finland - Firebox

We are happy to annonce that the Alabama Records catalogue from now on will be distributed in Finland through Firebox Oy.

080213 Airplay for Molly's Gusher & Scaar tourdates�

Swedish national radio station P3 Rockster has added "Indestructible" from Molly's Gushers new CD to their playlist. Listen online here!

Molly's Gusher & Mother Misery will bring you a fantastic tour de force when they hit the streets together in Sweden during the first half of April. More info will be announced within short.


Scaar will hit the road for a weekend-quickie in support of their upcoming album Next level of torture (release 25 March)



2008-03-15   TBA (SWE)
2008-05-31   STOCKHOLM, CAFE 44 (SWE)

080128 New sensational signing - SCAAR �



Alabama Records is proud to announce the signing of the Swedish metal combo SCAAR for the release of their third CD entitled Next Level Of Torture, due out on 25 March 2008.

Swedish metal band SCAAR was formed in Eskilstuna, Sweden, by guitarist Alf Johansson and singer Alex Jonsson in early 1999. Bass player Mats Vassfjord and drummer Richard Holmgren joined shortly thereafter to complete the lineup. All four members had been active in numerous bands in the Eskilstuna/V�ster�s-area for years, before joining forces to form SCAAR. During 2005 drummer Richard Holmgren was replaced by Kristian Huotari.

Photo by Patrik Hellstr�m

Having their roots in different metal genres SCAAR delivers an intense attitude which follows the footsteps of bands like Slayer, Machine Head and Pantera as well as adding their own touch to their thrash metal. But this band is far from being clones! This is a brutal band from Sweden not trying to chase either Entombed's or In Flames' coat tails, but rather get down to the business of rocking out on all cylinders and pounding out vicious heavy rock.

Bands from this genre tend to be outstanding live acts and SCAAR is no exception. They have been described as nothing short of energetic, hard-hitting and in-your-face! Just the way it should be.

Their last CD (The Second Incision) was distributed world wide and led to an exceptional recognition among the fans around the world. In addition to that they received rave reviews from the magazines and papers.

�Having such a well renowned band as Scaar signed to our label is a statement. Big things are about to happen. The new album is an absolute killer and there is no doubt that both fans and the media will love it�  says Andreas Nystr�m of Alabama Records.

- Recorded and in Dugout Studio, Uppsala, Sweden by Daniel Bergstrand, famous from his work with In Flames, Behemoth, Meshugga etc.
- Mastered by Peter In de Betou for Tailor Maid Productions.
- Album artwork by Carl-Andr� Beckston, Monowasp, who recently did the album artwork for bands such as TNT, House of Lords, Brazen Abbot etc.

Alex Jonsson � Lead vocals
Alf Johansson � Guitars
Mats Vassfjord � Bass
Kristian Huotari - Drums

2008 � Next Level Of Torture (CD)
2005 � The Second Incision (CD)
2002 � Scarred For Life (CD)

Next Level of Torture is scheduled for release on 25 of March, 2008.


Artist: Scaar

Title: Next level of torture

Territory: EU

Release: 25 March 2008
Barcoode: 7350007851208

Official SCAAR-homepage: www.scaar.tk
New page (scaar.net) will be up in Feburary.

For contact and more information:


Alabama Records
Andreas Nystr�m

Phone: +46 (0)70 330 60 49

Mail: director [at] alabama.se

SSG Management Ltd

Thomas St�l

Phone: +358 (0)6 3194 400

Mail: thomas [at] ssg.fi

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Seeking partners outside of Scandinavia �

Alabama Records is currently looking for partners outside of Scandinavia for distribution and promotion. Do you represent or know of any company that would suit our requirements and roster, don't hesitate to drop a line to director [at] alabama.se

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Mascot Parade

Release: 2008-06-04
Cat. no: ALAB010
Barcode: 7350007851215

Next Level Of Torture

Release: 2008-03-25
Cat. no: ALAB009
Barcode: 7350007851208

Molly's Gusher
Pick Your Poison And Form A Tragedy

Release: 2007-12-28
Cat. no: ALAB008
Barcode: 7320470081785

The Circus And The Monkey

Release: 2007-11-09
Cat. no: ALAB007
Barcode: 7350007851192

Mother Misery
All Eyes On You

Release: 2007-06-22
Cat. no: ALAB005
Barcode: 7350007851185

Rockets To Ruin
Love Drugs Rebellion

Release: 2007-04-09
Cat. no: ALAB006
Barcode: 614346026930

Aggro Necesse Est

Release: 2007-03-26
Cat. no: ALAB004
Barcode: 7350007851178

The Last Hours

Release: 2006-11-27
Cat. no: ALAB003
Barcode: 7350007851161

The Last Hours
Alone Together

Release: 2006-10-02
Cat. no: ALAB002

Kristina Westin
Your Voice

Release: 2006-05-26
Cat. no: ALAB001
Barcode: 7350007851130



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