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071223 Happy holidays »

Alabama Records would like to wish you a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!
A special thank you goes out to all our artists, associates, partners and of course - all of you who are supporting the music scene by buying the albums! May you all have a joyful and happy holiday.

See you all in 2008 - we have a bunch of early surprises for you so stay tuned....

Ho Ho!

071222 Reviews and feature Groove CD »

Melodic.net has posted reviews of Molly's Gusher (4/5) and Gemie (3/5).

Speaking of Gemie - Emily Road has been featured on the latest CD-sampler 
from Sweden's largest music paper Groove Magazine (pictured below).


Mother Misery will hit the road in the Netherlands together with Entombed supporting their new album The Serpent Saints during 25-27 January 2008.

Rockets To Ruin recently played the Crüe-Fest in New York City and continue to keep their buzz going on in the south-east with plenty of upcoming shows! Their brand new video to "Take a ride" will soon be featured on this site!

Seventribe welcome new drummer Fred-Rock to the line-up.

071128 Molly's Gusher postponed »

The release date of Molly's Gushers new MCD has been postponed. The new release date is December 28. It will probably be one of the last album to be released in the entire 2007! But what a great way to close a rocking year!

071119 Gemie rocks the radio »

Gemies new album The circus and the monkey is surfing big time on the airwaves.

Finnish radio station YLE/Musikrepbuliken picked "Emily Road" as one of four hot songs to be played every day this week.

Swedish premiere rock station Rockklassiker 106.7 had Gemie as one of three picks for the program spot "recensenterna" (the Reviewers) hosted by Anders Tengner (Superstar Magazine) and Tord Karlsson (EMI) and Ian Haugland (Europe). All three reviewers gave their thumbs up and praised our beloved artist.

071030 Hard rock songs wanted! »

Alabama Records is currently working on a new much anticipated melodic hard rock project that will be brought into the spotlight during 2008.

We are inviting any interested artist/band/songwriter to submit songs to this upcoming project. If you’re sitting on melodic hard rock songs in the vein of Hurricane, House Of Lords, Journey, Night Ranger, Mr Big and Damn Yankees we welcome you to send them to us for a try out.

If your song(s) will make it to the upcoming album it/they will be performed by “the new project”. All original song writing credits will of course remain with the original composer(s).

How to submit the songs:


1. Send them on a CD (with ALL your contact info written on the CD) to the below address:

Alabama Records
Att: Spotlight-08

Sveavägen 83
SE-113 50 Stockholm

2. Send us a mail and tell us where/how we can download your songs (mp3-format only and no streaming accepted).

3. Send us a mail with one song (in each mail) to: spotlight08@alabama.se

Regardless which way you provide us with your songs – don’t forget to add necessary info such as song title(s), composer(s), publisher(s), main contacts (name, mail, phone etc).

Thank you for taking your time and sharing your songs with us!



Andreas Nyström

CEO & President

071026 Gemie - awesome first reactions! »

First out of the radio stations to praise and kiss the ground Gemie walks upon is Finnish station YLE/Radio Vega. Please find some quotes that was said during todays show Nöjesmaskinen:

"Gemie is probably the next big export to come out of Finland and the song Emily road will certainly be a really big hit!"

"This is not a one hit wonder! Believe me when I say that this album will go far!"

"When was the last time you heard such a melody in a rock song like you do in Mondays?

071025 Gemie - release party in Finland »

For all the fans in Finland - the release party for Gemies new album will be held at SKY TERRACE in Vaasa on Friday 26th of November at 21.00 hours. Gemie will perform live and you will also get the opportunity to buy exclusively autographed CDs!

071019 New signing - Molly's Gusher »



Alabama Records is proud to announce the signing of the Swedish, soon-to-be-rockstars, MOLLY’S GUSHER for the release of their new MCD Pick your poison and form a tragedy.

”Makin' it” is somewhat of a past tense in the rock world nowadays. When file sharing has got the record industry shaking in its boots, and chewing-gum-marketability and safe bets are the only thing the industry is ready to invest in, doing it your own thing is the last and only option. If you want to make a living of rock music that is. That's just what Molly's Gusher did. Their own record – the debut album simply called Molly’s Gusher. After paying their dues through demos, small gigs, dirty rehearsal rooms and member changes, the band always persevered.

They managed to be the first Swedish band ever to play at the acclaimed Woodstock Stop festival, in front of 400 000 people. They got rotation of their “Queen of my heart” – video on both MTV2 and MTV Nordic and they got voted as the best band in their home town of Örebro in 2003. All this, and raving reviews, and well visited gigs.

This kind of acclaim tends to get frustrating without the “real” success. It's kind of like feeding an albatross chick in a canary cage. So they did what any reasonable band would do at this point, and took matter into their own hands. November 2005 saw the dawning of a fully accomplished Molly's Gusher. With their self titled album they had the means for world domination, and not to say the drive and the energy. Their warm, lucid melodies, in combination with their down tuned, pounding rhythms penetrates the very core of the listeners emotional centre. Just to stomp all over it.

Now it is follow-up time. Placing Mattias Färm (of Millencolin fame) behind the knobs in the studio and the band instantly found a crisp and awesome sound. Resulting in this magnificent four track EP called "Pick your poison and form a tragedy".
This release is seriously taking Molly's Gusher to the next level and that by means is one big step closer to their big breakthrough.

“Wow, this band is a diamond in the rough! A hidden treasure and exactly the kind of artist every record company strive to find. We are nothing but truly honoured and excited to start this cooperation together with Molly’s Gusher” says Andreas Nyström of Alabama Records.

Pick your poison and form a tragedy is scheduled for release on December 7, 2007.

070927 Gemie - new release date!»

Due to circumstances beyond our control the release date of The Circus And The Monkey has been postponed to the 9th of November.

070816 Gemie - new flyer and date»

New release date of TCATM has been set to the 5th of October.

Gemie will come over to Sweden for a handful of promotion gigs during the week of the album release. More details within short.

070712 New signing - Gemie»


PRESS RELEASE                                 


Alabama Records is proud to announce the signing of Finnish artist Gemie for the release of the new album The circus and the monkey.

Behind the alter ego of Gemie is the artist Jens Smedman, one of Finland’s most renowned singer/songwriters. Having made a successful career with his much appreciated song writing and performing in the land of the thousand lakes, Gemie is without a doubt a name to look out for.

The music of Gemie is a blend of melodic, alternative rock and pop and the project has gained international interest and credibility stemming from its deep musicality and the high profile artists involved.


“Having Gemie signed to our label is an honour”, says Andreas Nyström of Alabama Records. “With his experience and reputation this is nothing but a first class signing.”


The album is scheduled for release on 29 September 2007.


Artist: Gemie

Title: The Circus And The Monkey

Bar code: 7350007851192

Territory: Scandinavia

Release: 29 September 2007


For contact and more information:


Alabama Records

Andreas Nyström

Phone: + 46 (0)70 330 60 49

Mail: director [at] alabama.se


SSG Management Ltd

Thomas Ståhl

Phone: +358 (0)50 377 28 88

Mail: management@ssg.fi

070618 New signing - Mother Misery»


Stockholm, Sweden, June 18, 2007

Alabama Records are very proud to announce the signing of Swedish hard rock band 
Mother Misery for an exclusive Scandinavian release of their second album All eyes on you on June 22.

Mother Misery recently got back from a two week promotion tour in Europe.

The opening track I got it now is featured on Sweden Rock Magazines latest CD-sampler (issue #44) together with bands such as Mustasch and Candlemass.

This is an essential release for all fans of hard rock but in particular for fans of Monster Magnet, Audioslave and Soundgarden. The great melodies and superb vocals makes this a killer album!



070417 Seeking partners and new hard rock acts »


Alabama Records is currently looking for distribution partners outside of Scandinavia and interested companies are welcome to contact director Andreas Nyström for a further dialogue.

If you are a melodic/hard rock/metal band and interested in a cooperation, please send your promos to Alabama Records, Sveavägen 83, SE-113 50 Stockholm, Sweden.

070404 International orders »


Within short all international orders can be placed through CD BABY

070322 Seventribe release party - March 27 »


Make sure you don't miss the upcoming release party for Seventribes much anticipated debut album Aggro Necesse Est. You know, these guys are nuts and the evening will be something extra. It will be a crazy mix of a X-mas/birthday/halloween-party

There will be a camera crew onsite taping the event + concert for an upcoming video release! So bring all your friends and be a part of the massive cheering.


 New signing - Rockets To Ruin »



Stockholm, Sweden, February 19, 2007

Alabama Records are very proud to announce the signing of American hard rock band
Rockets To Ruin for an exclusive Scandinavian release of their debut album Love Drugs Rebellion.



Produced by Rachel Bolan (Skid Row), Rockets To Ruin’s raw, uncompromising sound slaps conformity in the face, reaching out to a generation lusting after the glory days of rock n’ roll. Loud, energetic and fun is their approach to song writing. Energy, attitude, sweat, and sleaze are their approach to the stage. They don't believe their lives are bad or that life is unfair. Instead, they believe in KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, The Ramones, The Cult and the power of rock n’ roll…and it shows! With a non-stop buzz developing in the South Eastern United States, Rockets To Ruin has made its mark on fans of this music and the numbers are growing daily.

Rockets To Ruin recently supported Paul Stanley (Kiss) on the Southeast leg of his solo tour in the U.S. and will soon embark on a few dates with Jason McMaster (ex Dangerous Toys) and his new band Broken Teeth.

Rockets To Ruin have previously toured with Skid Row, King's X, Nashville Pussy and have openedfor such bands as Georgia Satellites, Josh Todd of Buckcherry and Dark New Day to name but a few.


“Mark my words, in the very near future Rockets To Ruin will be a household name,” states singer Cleveland Willis.


RTR has been selected to perform at the Atlantis Music Conference (Atlanta, GA) 2004, 2005 & 2006, the Midwest Music Conference (Indianapolis, IN) 2005, the NASCAR Firecracker 200 (sponsored by 99X), the NOPI Nationals @ Atlanta Motor Speedway, 2005 & 2006.


The signing with Swedish label Alabama Records marks the first step towards the European market for Rockets To Ruin.


More info:



070208 Seventribe - release party »


Make sure you'll make it to Västerås, Sweden, on March 27 to attend the event of the month as we throw a big release party for Seventribe and their new album.

We are pleased to arrange the event at Sigurdsgatan 25, formerly known as the legendary live venue Village. Seventribe will hit the stage at 22.30.

Tickets: 40 SEK

Local support: Dicember (on stage 21.00)


070131 Seventribe - New release date  »


Due to circumstances beyond our control the release of ”Aggro necesse est” has been delayed.

New release date:  
March 26, 2007


070104 New signing - Seventribe »


Alabama Records are pleased to announce the signing of Swedish top notch metal act Seventribe and the release of the bands debut album ”Aggro necesse est” . 


Seventribe hails from Västerås (100 km west of Stockholm) and is an army of eight metal heads. Since the start way back in 1999 they have contributed to form the genre aggro-metal. Having more than 100 gigs behind them they have created a reputation of being a live act supreme. Even before signing to Alabama Records they performed at renowned festivals as Arvikafestivalen, Rookie-Festival (Hultsfred), Metal Meet, Arosfestivalen and MoshFest (NO) to mention but a few.


The bands prior promo-CDs have been spread all over the world in thousands of copies. Fans in far away nations have put up their own “Riot-Tribes” to salute the Swedes. The demand is particularly great in Scandinavia, Germany, USA and South America.


Says Andreas Nyström of Alabama Records ”Seventribe got their audience in a stranglehold when performing live on stage. If you’ve ever had the chance to see their show you’ll know exactly what I am referring to. Seventribe is something out of the ordinary and we are extremely proud to release the debut album of this highly acclaimed metal act.”


The album has been recorded, mixed and produced by DWS in Västerås and mastered by Peter In de Betou, Tailor Maid Production.


Tracklisting: Number one, I will never, Lovecrap, Empty inside, Dip shit, The deceitful race, I deny, 7-souls, Bountykilla, Fate, Lie-decrease, Stronger than ever


The album is due out on February 26, 2007.


Seeking partners outside of Scandinavia »

Alabama Records is currently looking for partners outside of Scandinavia for distribution and promotion. Do you represent or know of any company that would suit our requirements and roster, don't hesitate to drop a line to director [at] alabama.se

::: Upcoming ::: 

Next Level Of Torture

Release: 2008-03-25
Cat. no: ALAB009
Barcode: 7350007851208

::: Catalogue :::

Molly's Gusher
Pick Your Poison And Form A Tragedy

Release: 2007-12-28
Cat. no: ALAB008
Barcode: 7320470081785

The Circus And The Monkey

Release: 2007-11-09
Cat. no: ALAB007
Barcode: 7350007851192

Mother Misery
All Eyes On You

Release: 2007-06-22
Cat. no: ALAB005
Barcode: 7350007851185

Rockets To Ruin
Love Drugs Rebellion

Release: 2007-04-09
Cat. no: ALAB006
Barcode: 614346026930

Aggro Necesse Est

Release: 2007-03-26
Cat. no: ALAB004
Barcode: 7350007851178

The Last Hours

Release: 2006-11-27
Cat. no: ALAB003
Barcode: 7350007851161

The Last Hours
Alone Together

Release: 2006-10-02
Cat. no: ALAB002

Kristina Westin
Your Voice

Release: 2006-05-26
Cat. no: ALAB001
Barcode: 7350007851130



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