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061230 Happy new year! »

First of all we would like to thank all of you people who have put interest in our label and our artists during this fantastic year we've been in the business. We constantly receive tons of demos in the mail every week. To be honest, we never thought we would get this recognition this fast

The world is full of great music and talanted artist and speaking of talents - we are so proud over the three releases we've put out during 2006. And the buzz they have created. Not only in Scandinavia, but abroad as well. But there is more to come...

We are currently working on the next albums to be released on Alabama Records and dare we say that they are heavy. We've got some really interesting stuff coming up early next year and we are more than eager to put the pedal to the metal. If you catch our drift...

Happy new yearand see you all in 2007!

061218 Airplay for The Last Hours »

Still Inside (from "Lights") was aired on swedish radio station Rockklassiker 106.7 this morning. It was one of three picks for the program spot "recensenterna" (the reviewers) hosted by Anders Tengner (Superstar Magazine) and Tord Karlsson (EMI).

Says Tord Karlsson, "It has the vibes of Weeping Willows and I find it quite charming. Car-riding-emo, I want to listen to this when I pass under yellow street lights and the rain is pounding on the wind shield. It makes you wanna hear more".

061127  "Lights" released today »

The debut album "Lights" from The Last Hours is officially released today.

Go to CDON to order the CD (Scandinavia + EU)

Go to   to get it by digital download.

061120  Release party accomplished »

The official release party for the album "Lights" was held at "Två Lingon & Blåbär" in Västerås, Sweden on this Saturday. It was a huge success and we got ourselves a 50 minutes share of The Last Hours on stage as well. Oh yeah! Thanks to everyone in the band and the organizers Ann-Sofie and Johanna for a great evening!

"Lights" will officially hit the stores on 2006-11-27.

Look out for the next gig with TLH in Stockholm at Debaser on December 7th.

061028  Back from the USA »

After a week spent in the USA we are back in Sweden again. With a lot of new contacts made and some really interesting opportunities for the future. We are more than eager to continue our crusade for the good music.

Alone Together is well received by the fans of digital downloading. The album is still in the "best selling chart" att Klicktrack.com.

Go to Klicktrackto buy your favorite Alabama Records tunes.

060927  New signing - The Last Hours »

We are very proud to announce that the Swedish band The Last Hours have signed with Alabama Records. Having their roots in both British and American pop they will please fans of Muse, Death cab for cutie, Depeche Mode and Keane as well as the regular poppers. Formed in August 2005 they immediately released their EP Alone together and were offered a spot at the Rookie Festival (Hultsfred) in October 2005.

Says Andreas Nyström, CEO: "I was totally blown away the first time I heard The Last Hours. They put so much emotion into their songwriting and I believed every single word they sang. And that is rare..."

The first release on Alabama Records will be a re-release of Alone Together, the five track EP from 2005. Alone together will be available via digital download and has been remixed, remastered and completed with full artwork.

The person that you see, Alone together, Who I am to me, Shimmering, Fade.

2006-10-02               2006-11-27

The second release from The Last Hours is the full length album Lights that will be released on November 27.

The album has been mastered by Peter In de Betou, Tailor Maid Production.

Stapled, Still inside, Now is then, Everything means nothing, Emotionless, From the heart, Language, Fall before you, Mistake, Rocketeer.

For inquires regarding The Last Hours, please contact promotion [at] alabama.se

Kristina W featured in Eskilstuna Kuriren »

Swedish newspaper Eskilstuna Kuriren recently featured a major article about Kristina Westin. Read the article.

Groove Magazine CD & National Radio »

The new issue (#5) of Groove Magazine features "Your voice" on their compilation CD.

Swedish National Radio Station P4 have picked up the title track "Your voice".

Your voice is climbing the charts »

Kristina Westin entered the sales charts at top 10 (Singellistan at CDON) the very first week on the market and have stayed on top 20 since then.

"Your voice" hit the streets »

The album with Kristina Westin is now officially released. 


What a success »

The release party for Kristin Westin and her new CD was a huge success. Mosebacke was packed with people and KW and her band played an astonishing live set. It was hot and it was steaming. It was pure joy!

The official release date has been set to 26 May and the swedish distribution is handled by Dead Frog Distribution. Yes, the album will be available in any store but of course on the Internet as well via CDON etc.


Release party at Mosebacke for Kristina »

Yes, the date is set to 3 May and the release party will be held at Mosebacke Etablissement in Stockholm. So pick up your calender, mark this date and make sure you don't miss it.

Kristina and her band will perform during the evening and it will be one helluva show.

New signing to Alabama Records »

We are very proud to announce the signing of swedish artist Kristina Westin to our label. Kristina will release her full length album during 2006.

Meanwhile, as a teaser, we start off with releasing a four track CD-single in the beginning of May 2006.

Kristina has been described as the perfect mix between Norah Jones and Dolly Parton. She has the unique ability to bring tender nakedness to songs like Underground as well as groove and uptempo to the countryesque title track Your voice.

Recordings were made in Stockholm, Sweden, during 2005 and mastered by famous Peter In de Betou for TailorMaid Productions.

Artist: Kristina Westin
Title: Your voice
Cat. no: ALAB001
Barcode: 7350007851130
Distribution: Dead Frog Distribution

Tracklisting: Your voice, Water, Cold cold eyes, Underground.

For inquires regarding Kristina Westin, please contact promotion [at] alabama.se

Seeking partners outside of Scandinavia »

Alabama Records is currently looking for partners outside of Scandinavia for distribution and promotion. Do you represent or know of any company that would suit our requirements and roster, don't hesitate to drop a line to director [at] alabama.se

::: Upcoming ::: 

Next Level Of Torture

Release: 2008-03-25
Cat. no: ALAB009
Barcode: 7350007851208

::: Catalogue :::

Molly's Gusher
Pick Your Poison And Form A Tragedy

Release: 2007-12-28
Cat. no: ALAB008
Barcode: 7320470081785

The Circus And The Monkey

Release: 2007-11-09
Cat. no: ALAB007
Barcode: 7350007851192

Mother Misery
All Eyes On You

Release: 2007-06-22
Cat. no: ALAB005
Barcode: 7350007851185

Rockets To Ruin
Love Drugs Rebellion

Release: 2007-04-09
Cat. no: ALAB006
Barcode: 614346026930

Aggro Necesse Est

Release: 2007-03-26
Cat. no: ALAB004
Barcode: 7350007851178

The Last Hours

Release: 2006-11-27
Cat. no: ALAB003
Barcode: 7350007851161

The Last Hours
Alone Together

Release: 2006-10-02
Cat. no: ALAB002

Kristina Westin
Your Voice

Release: 2006-05-26
Cat. no: ALAB001
Barcode: 7350007851130



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