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Imagine Slayer jamming with Jeff Buckley.

Imagine Tom Petty writing songs to Iron Maiden.

How absurd it may sound - these are the cornerstones of Mascot Parade.


Their unique mix of metal, rock, melodies and unexpected arrangements will stir the interest of many listeners. Take our word for it!

Mascot Parade was formed back in 2003 under the name of The Buck by singer, songwriter & guitarist Henrik Bringås, guitarplayer Staffan Andersson and drummer Christer Teglund. Two weeks into the bands history they found themselves in the studio recording their first demo. The outcome really saw the band take off quick. The demo was crowned "demo of the month" in newspaper VLT, as well as "demo of the week" on Close-Up Magazine said "suprise of the month" and called it "new kind of kick". Suddenly both Swedish and British labels started to show interest in the band and their unique sound. The demo was soon to be heard on both Swedish and British national radio.

In 2004 the band signed a contract with a British record label and the recording of an album started. But the cooperation with the label was a chewy toffee and after a lot of waiting for nothing, the band left the label in late 2005.

In 2007 they decided to take things in their own hands. See the start of the recording of a new debut album – Deathmatch - and this time under the new name MASCOT
PARADE. Shortly after they found themselves having a contract inked with Swedish label Alabama Records. Six months later they are finally set to release their lovechild to the world.

“We have been keeping an eye on Mascot Parade over the years and always knew they were up to something extraordinary. When the window of opportunity suddenly opened we never hesitated to join the parade.”  says Andreas Nyström of Alabama Records.


Release: June 4, 2008
Cat no: ALAB010
Format: CD + Digital
Territory: EU
Barcode: 7350007851215

Produced by Henrik Bringås och Mascot Parade

1. Song Driven
2. A Speech
3. Up Up
4. Episode One
5. Paint
6. Deathmatch
7. Billboard
8. Let Me Rust
9. Hysteria

Henrik Bringås – Lead vocals, guitar
Staffan Andersson – Lead guitars
Carl Ottosson – Drums
Daniel Engström - Bass

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